Whats in my doula bag?

As I prepare for my first birth as a doula it feels almost like I’m nesting. I’ve been making things for the birth, packing a bag for the hospital and trying to make sure everything at home is taken care of incase I need to leave in the middle of the night.

While mama’s not due for a couple weeks she’s been having contractions for awhile (sometimes 4 min apart), is about 3 cm dilated and 60% effaced. In the face of my growing anticipation about being able to support the family during birth I thought it was best to have my doula bag ready and waiting.

There are a lot a great websites and blogs with doula bags for sale and suggested items. Since I’m on a budget I decided to put together a wishlist and make what I can.

My bag has a copy of the birth plan, change of clothes, camera, personal needs (toothbrush, hair-ties, advil and the like), a pump for the birthing ball, hard candies, bendy straws, snacks to get me through, Himalya Herbals anti-stress massage oil, handheld massagers and my homemade tools!

Almost all of my supplies came from my sewing closet or the dollar store! First I covered two tennis balls with fun pink zebra print socks. Then used some cute fat quarters I had laying around to make rice packs for heat. All of which have removable covers that can be washed and the large one has handles if someone wants to move or hold it.

Then I tried my hand at a birthing ball cover. I’ll be honest this part was difficult. But after working, reworking, and calling my stepmother for advice I finally got it! I just LOVE the fabric and its so soft! Last I decided to make a tool belt apron so I have pockets for things we need regularly and I don’t have a mess of things laying around.

I can’t wait to see which things are added comfort and hold up to the task! What’s in your doula bag? Any advice for a newbie on what you can’t work without?

(Many of my items were inspired by Your Doula Bag if you’re interested in buying items for you bag)


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